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4/28/2016  Ashley   
Hi everyone,

BJ,I'm not the one that puts the schedule on.Jimmy,my ass still looks as good as it did the last time you were in because no zombie bit all of you catch the Fear of the Walking Dead this week?I can't believe that Strand cut the rope loose on the inflatable boat they were towing.Trump is one step closer to becoming president.I want to share this photo with all of you that watch the website,someone put it on my fb page.The Prince joke was funny,I could just see him,2 Pac and Biggie smoking the chronic.

Stop in and see us girls



4/27/2016  Benny Hill video#2   
4/27/2016  BJ   
Hi Ashley.....aren't you putting up the schedule of the girls any more?  Hope to visit the club again safe!
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4/26/2016  Tuesday   
Hey people,
I'll probably throw on another Benny Hill clip this week..Then another pic of Angelina next week..Just about the only girls that said yes to having their photos taken..I remember watching Benny Hill when I was a kid..Staying up late at night to watch him on my black and white TV..I heard from the guy at gutter one..He said it would be about $2,150 to do the siding out front..That's crazy expensive..With siding that comes to about 4.5K..I was hoping to use Norwich Colorado stacked stone columns on the corners (fresco)..And (Chestnut Hills) Nail-on siding for where the aluminium siding is..I think those 2 should pop..I don't know if I'll have to get it from or if they will have it at Yorktown..I'm still waiting to hear back from Chuck at gutter one..
4/26/2016  brandon   
How late are you open til tonight ?
4/25/2016  Wallace   
What's the name of the new girl that's 18 with black hair.I can't remember and was telling a couple guys at work about her.We we're going to kick it at the club this weekend.How long will it be until someone sees Prince with Biggie,2 Pac,and Elvis.Because you know they aren't
4/25/2016  JJ   
What days does Alice work this week?
4/24/2016  jimmyswitchblade   
I know you like showing it off Ash,don't let one of those zombies bite you in the
4/24/2016  Mike   
Carl:did you see they had skits making fun of Prince on Saturday Night Live?I thought they were great.
4/22/2016  Carl   
U hear Prince died?Only 1 day after celebrating 4-20.They say he OD 6 days ago on a opiate and they gave him that save shot.
RIP Prince
4/22/2016  Ashley   
Hi everyone,
Now that The Walking Dead is over for the season I've been getting my zombie fix watching Fear of the Walking Dead.I'm curious if they will be going to Mexico next because everything is zombiefied.I'm  hoping Trump wins for president.He will run the country like a business because that's what it is.Ha,I liked the Clinton comment.I'm sure he sends Hillary to other cities so he can pick up on the ladies.
Stop in and see us,xoxoxo
4/22/2016  Fredrick   
Bill Clinton was in Harrisburg last night.Did he stop at the club afterwards looking for a girl named Monica?
4/21/2016  Benny Hill   
4/20/2016  Wednesday   
Hey people,

The guy called about repointing that wall..I guess he will start next week..The other guy came out and measured for the siding stuff..I picked up that permit.,I'll probably get that siding from


I was beating myself up over this all week,is polypropylene,vinyl (polymer)siding..I know when you google vinyl siding that looks like stone,it brings up faux panels
4/20/2016  Ashley here @ Good Times   
4/17/2016  Sunday   
Hey people,
I'll throw another pic on here in a couple days..I have to get a new ATM by October..Mine can't be upgraded..People skimming info..Not here but just in general..I was told I can use vinyl siding out front..I have a company coming Wed to measure and give me a price..Vinyl wasn't even used back in the day.Stone was..I'm trying to find out some info about some property in Hawaii..Not that I'm in a big hurry but it would be nice to buy and sit on it for a couple yrs before building anything on it..The last property I looked at you had to farm..I'm not a farmer..That was the catch
4/15/2016  John   
RE:Garry.I have 3 of the railroads from McDonalds Monopoly game.I only need 1 more which is Short Line.The prize is $500.
4/14/2016  Louis   
Last night was Kobe's last game of his career.Everyone from Snoop Dogg to Jay-Z showed up.Now that baseball is in you should bring down a couple of those jerseys.
4/14/2016  Angelina here @ Good Times   
4/13/2016  Wednesday   
My mom is trying to help me compose a letter to the lawyer..The only thing I caught on hers in it wasn't the boro..The lady that called was from HARB..My original letter I wrote granite instead of'll write and rewrite a couple times before I send..
4/13/2016  what I want to write   
Hello Eric,
We were wondering what was going on.When should we expect to hear from this judge??I have no idea what is taking so long,the boro has already been found guilty in a court of law..While we were waiting I thought we would do an improvement or 2..The boro claims the building is "historical" so we had to fill out a special paper for HARB..Here are the 3 things I wanted to do.
1)Remove beat up aluminium siding from 1970's and replace with slate
2) Incase rotted up wood corner posts with Gold Rush Granite that's probably 250,000 yrs old
3)Repoint wall between me and neighbor
A lady from HARB named Susanne contacted us and said HARB would deny our request so there was no reason for us to go in front of them..So I thought it would be best to ask you..These are the same people that said they had a notarized letter from me saying I wouldn't have nude dancers..You saw for yourself how big of liars and scams they are..She did say we could repoint the wall because that has nothing to do with HARB but we were originally told at the boro it does..So you can see why we would be confused and mistrust them,could you enlighten us with some input..
Thank you,
Richard Fisher
(*)I enclosed a pic of out front so you could see what I was talking about
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