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8/30/2015  Sunday   

Welcome back international viewers,
Chris took a look at my front ceiling by the front stage today..We cut a ceiling tile out a peeked up in..I wanted to know why the club had such a belly in the floor on the 2nd floor..I thought it might have been a broken floor joist,but it just 100's of yrs of age..So that's squared away..Now I can call Don at Dream painting,about painting white the racing stripe in the front room..I gave Chris his shirt I got him in Atlantic City..They came in the mail..I got a letter in the mail from the lawyers,about starting what you might call stage 2 of the lawsuit..The "Civil rights lawsuit"..I guess that's in federal court..11 counts for me and 8 counts for Ashley..A whole bunch of things,starting with the 1st Amendment violation..I even saw the 14th amendment mentioned
(*)I'm going to have to call Eric and say,dude..I flew the whole way to Vegas because you're the expert..I'm doing whatever you say..Start it now if that's what you decide to do..

8/28/2015  Jay   
Do you know when the new issue of Fly magazine comes out?I want to see the ad,I saw your pic of it.Save me a copy when you get them.
8/26/2015  Wednesday   
Hey people,
The club will be open tomorrow night..I got home a couple hours ago from Atlantic City..With traffic it took about 5 hours..I sat in traffic going through philly for a long time..On the highway..Man it took forever..My ass is sore....:0) Chris called..He got the 3 new AC units in..Did the ceiling in the men's bathroom..Painted the front door..Etc..I have the strobe lights..I might go down tomorrow night and put them in the LD room..The highlight of my day was getting stromboli on the way home from Your Place..
(*)I still have to get ext cords for the strobe lights..My club e-mail is down again..I can't log in and check my e-mails..I'll have to call them tomorrow..
8/25/2015  Score's inside the Trump here in Altantic City Nj   

8/24/2015  Hello From Atlantic City NJ   

Where da girls at??I drove all this way to Atlantic City and Stiletto's is closed..I guess I'll have to check out the Scores club inside the Trump..

8/21/2015  Leon   
The girls must be using their cell phones to play music.I was in last night and heard a commercial come over the speakers.That beats a skipping cd.
8/20/2015  Ashley   
Hi everyone,
That was a 1 pound burger I was eating.That burger must have had a pound of bread with it also.I couldn't eat the entire thing.They had a special,buy 1 get 1 free.I don't put anything on my burgers.Just the cheese.I never tried any of the exotic burgers at Fuddruckers.The guys will be having seizures in the lapdance room from the strobe about that Ashley Madison hacking?A girl named Desire is working tonight but she's not listed on the schedule.
Stop in and see us girls and my pretty little pussy
8/20/2015  Keith   

Jared from Subway screwed the pooch.Having sex with underage girls.I just heard his wife is filing for divorce.I'm sure it's for the best,his future husband Bubba will be giving him a footlong with extra mayo.
8/19/2015  Ron   
Hi Ashley.Was that a 1 or 2 pound burger?Do you add the fixings?lettuce,tomato,pickles,peppers,onions,ketchup,mustard,mayo and bbq sauce?Have you ever tried any of their exotic burgers?Ostrich,Buffalo,Elk,Wild Boar? 
8/19/2015  Wednesday   

Welcome back international viewers,
Here is your grand finale..I ordered this carpet yesterday for the walls in the back room,it should be here in 5 weeks..They use it for Casino's,night clubs,bowling alley's etc..etc...I also ordered 4 strobe lights for the LD room..Sears called yesterday,the 3 ac units are in..When this hit I've been talking about on my website is done..I'll be done with the improvements..
(*)I'm thinking about putting a strobe light in each corner of the ld room..They won't be synchronized..I'll like to hear some feedback about them..That's after they are installed..I was thinking about a special event..Something like \\ PENNSYLVANIA'S PRETTIEST PUSSY PAGENT //..Ladies,you think you have a pretty pussy??Come on in and show it off..Guys can cast their votes by getting a LD from the girl that he thinks has the prettiest pussy..The girl with the most votes wins!!

8/18/2015  CUM SHOT OF THE WEEK   
8/18/2015  Brad   
Aint no way Ashley could eat all that Rich.Shes got a big mouth but its not that big.
8/18/2015  Steve   
Damn Ashley!Can you eat that entire thing?
8/18/2015  Ashley's Appetizer   
Ashley's appetizer at Fuddrucker's (motherfuckers),before the main course arrived..I learned yrs ago just to keep my hands and feet back when she's eating..:0)
8/17/2015  Club Good Times   

The schedule is published for the week of 8/18 to 8/22..
\\\\\\ HIRING DANCERS ////////
Now hiring dancers..Auditions are Wed night 9 till 12 or Sat aft 2 till 5..You need an outfit,CD and proper photo ID..Ladies,you must be at least 18 yrs old to dance here..
Tue Night_________Wed Night

Thur Night________Fri Night


Sat Aft___________Sat Night

Club Good Times is Southern Pa's best strip club..Located just off RT 30..12 min from York,30 min from Harrisburg,40 min from Reading,60 min from Baltimore..So grab a 6 pack,come in and enjoy the fun and excitement..
8/16/2015  Sunday   
Welcome back international viewers,
I'm having a lucky day today..I go outside so I can mow..Well,I usually only find Mc Donald's bags or beer cans people throw out their window while driving down the road..Today I find a crumpled up $5 bill..I wish they would throw more $$$ out their windows..:0)
8/14/2015  Carl   
Fly magazine made a nice ad for you to go in next months issue.
8/14/2015  Ashley   
Hi everyone,I'll be dancing tonight.Tomorrow I will be behind the bar.Put some dollars between my boobs.I've got to make some $$$$$$ for the beach.I can't wait to hear "watch the tram car please".lol.
8/14/2015  Friday   

Welcome back international viewers,
The install date for the carpet,front and back room was set up yesterday..They will be coming on a Monday,2nd week of October..When I'm on vacation in Atlantic City Nj,Chris will be coming to paint the front door (purple),,Do that little bit of trim work..Replacing the ceiling in the men's bathroom,replacing 16 tile in the club and installing the 3 new 12,000 btu ac units..Which means I only have to call Don Ream about painting the white racing stripe in the front room..I want to talk to Rob about the walls in the back room..That should all be done before Oct..When I get back from the beach Rob is coming to my parents house to install the Colombo Jup Gold Granite,and Travertine in my parents Trolley car..I'm also having him put some of the scrap river rock on the front of the trolley car..This is def the last present I'm giving them..:0)I said that last yr when I had their front stoop wrapped in that California Gold Slate..That should cover me for all holidays,Mothers-days,Fathers-days,B-days,anniversaries for the next decade..:0)

8/13/2015  Fly Magazine ad 4 next month   
This is what the Fly Magazine ad will look like next month..I tried taking a photo of it..You get the idea..
8/13/2015  Cum Shot of the Week   
\\\\\\\\\\ CUM SHOT OF THE WEEK //////////
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