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11/24/2015  beth   
How much is a lap dance
11/22/2015  Keven   
I see a shadow of a Black Jaguar in that pic.Did you drag something home with you from Cancun?lol
11/22/2015  Alice here @ Good Times   
11/22/2015  Club Good Times   

The schedule is published for the week of 11/24 to 11/28..
Tue Night_________Wed Night
Cherry Blossom____Ginger
Bella_____________Cherry Blossom

Thur Night________Fri Night
HAPPY__________Cherry Blossom


Sat Aft___________Sat Night
Ashley___________Cherry Blossom


Club Good Times is Southern Pa's best strip club..Located just off RT 30..12 min from York,30 min from Harrisburg,40 min from Reading,60 min from Baltimore..So grab a 6 pack,come in and enjoy the fun and excitement..

11/21/2015  The old sign covers   
Here are the old sign covers from out front..

11/20/2015  Max   
Givem hell
11/20/2015  Ashley   
Hi everyone,
RE:Andrew.I'm the one that took the photo of Cherry Blossom.Desire was standing beside me playing everyone hear Jarred was going to jail for 15 years.I don't think that was near long enough.I think child molesters like him should be put in Alcatraz so they can twiddle each other.Assholes!Donald Trump is making front page news again.I agree with his stance on refugees.I hope he gets elected president so everyone can say Merry Christmas!
Stop in and see us
11/20/2015  Bella here @ Good Times   
11/20/2015  Bella here @ Good Times   
11/19/2015  Bryan   
Can you put up the dancer schedule for this week please.....also how about photos of the new girls and their names....kind of an introduction thanks...Bryan
11/18/2015  Wednesday   
Hey people,
I'll put a girls photo on Thurs or Fri..Which will it be??I stopped at C-mart yesterday..I got a flier in the mail..From the way I understand it,it's free measure,free grout..Plus I got 15% off..I want to tear off the beat up siding on the front of the building and replace it with Kashmir gold granite with salt and pepper granite end posts..I wouldn't be able to do it until spring..I'm waiting for them to call..Here is a weird one..Look at the pic of the back room w/ glow in the dark carpet..Look into the lapdance room..That shadow..Don't that shadow look like a Black Panther..LOL That's fucked up..I zoomed into it with my computer..IE the photo is on my computer..
(*)I'm having Ashley move the tables in the back room up against the wall..That should give me 2 more ft of floor space.. I know it doesn't sound like much but over 30ft that's 60 sq ft..8ft by 8ft would be 64sq ft..
(**)I guess my dad is going to fire up the grill one more time this yr..Mon he is going to grill that Buffalo fillet mignon..I also got 2lbs of Kobe beef for burgers just in case I don't like it..I could always smother it in ketchup..:0) 
11/18/2015  Brad   
I heard the first Syrian refugees arrived in Lancaster county yesterday.I'm taking my daughter to Trop Gun shop tonight so I can purchase her a pistol.I want to make sure she's safe.
11/17/2015  Andrew   
Did Ashley take the photo of Cherry Blossom or did Desire?I c Desire in the mirrors reflection.How about a snap shot of Desire?We're coming in this weekend 2 check out the new carpet.I've never seen anything like that.Where did you get it?
11/17/2015  Greg   
Don't you think it's BS that Tom Wolfe wants to bring those refugees from Syria to Pa?Or is it just me?How do we know if they are really refugees and not terrorists?
11/17/2015  Cherry Blossom here @ Good Times   
11/16/2015  Front room w/ glow in the dark carpet   
11/16/2015  Back room w/ glow in the dark carpet   
11/15/2015  Sunday   
Hey people,

Tomorrow I'll be at the club cleaning up the leaves out front..The leaves blow from 3 blocks away in front of my club..:0)I have no idea why the pic of the men's bathroom came out sideways..The thing is correct on my computer..The partition is in..Rob finished grouting the river rock Fri night..The other stone you see in that pic is Colorado gold granite..So lets keep the bathroom nice guys..The glow in the dark carpet is in..WOW!!Does it ever look good,better than I would have thought..Rob is coming in 2 weeks to do the back room walls in stone..


(*)I'll put another girls pic on here in a day or 2.. 


The business card found behind mens bathroom wall..For all you people know it could have been in a jar filled to the top with gold doubloons..I like to have some fun but this is some Nostradamus shit..Look at that card..You can see a little hole punched in it..That thing is marked between the week of 11/15 and 11/22..That's some fucked up shit..Almost like he knew the week back in 1971.
11/12/2015  Ashley here @ Good Times   
11/12/2015  Men's bathroom before being finished   
11/9/2015  Nadia's Halloween costume   
How many of you on the net can find Waldo

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