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10/1/2014  Diamond here at Club Good Times   

9/30/2014  Red here at Club Good Times   

9/29/2014  Diamond and Angelina here @ Good Times   
9/24/2014  Ashley here at Club Good times   

9/23/2014  Angelina here at Club Good Times   

9/23/2014  Diamond here at Club Good Times   
9/23/2014  Red here at Club Good Times   

9/20/2014  Mystery stripper, a new girl   

9/18/2014  Angelina & Diamond   

9/7/2014  Black Panther   
Welcome back international viewers,

I haven't forgotten about all of you..I've just been busy.. Squaring away my deck..Doing some touch ups to the apt out back..Dave comes tomorrow to measure the bar top..


(*)A pic of a Black Panther


8/30/2014  Brian   
Happy b-day Ash.The Filet Mignon @ Hoss's is tasty.Do u eat it with Au Jus?I hope u don't smother it in Ketchup.This is the time of the year 4 the York Fair.Jackyl and Molly Hatchet is performing there.That's the day I'm going.
8/29/2014  Brad   
Happy birthday Ashley
8/28/2014  Ashley   
Hey for all of you who can't make it in this weekend, come in tonight they will be at least 6 girls dancing, football on both TV's. Speaking of football all these players getting busted for pot, maybe if they would legalize it, it wouldn't be such an issue. My birthday is tomorrow so I celebrated by going to Hoss's for a Filet Mignon it was awesome
8/28/2014  JR   
Tell Diamond 2 get out her tits!!!!!!!
8/27/2014  Shiv   
What nights this week does Ari work?
8/27/2014  Neil   
Woooo!Diamond looks great!
8/23/2014  Diamond by the fireplace   
8/22/2014  Trent   
I thought I would send in a joke.


A couple just got married and on the night of their honeymoon before passionate love, the wife tells the husband, "Please be gentile, I'm still a virgin." The husband being shocked, replied, "How's this possible? You've been married three times before." The wife responds, "Well, my first husband was a gynecologist and all he wanted to do was look at it. My second husband was a psychiatrist and all he wanted to do was talk about it. Finally, my third husband was a stamp collector and all he wanted to do was...oh, do I miss him!"
8/20/2014  Pedro   
Has anyone else done the ice bucket challenge?
8/17/2014  Kevin   
What about the riots in FERGUSON, Mo?
8/13/2014  Ashley   
I liked Robin Williams in the movie Mrs Doubtfire.
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