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5/30/2016  That siding that looks like stacked stone   
5/29/2016  David   

Does Hollywood still work there if so what nights 

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5/22/2016  Club Good Times   
The schedule is published for the week of 5/24 to 5/28..
Tue Night_________Wed Night
Thur Night________Fri Night


Sat Aft___________Sat Night



Club Good Times is Southern Pa's best strip club..Located just off RT 30..12 min from York,30 min from Harrisburg,40 min from Reading,60 min from Baltimore..So grab a 6 pack,come in and enjoy the fun and excitement..

5/18/2016  Ashley   
Hi everyone,
You ppl bringing your cell phones to the club is becoming a pain in the ass.The girls don't want to be video taped by you.You will be told to keep your cell phones away,if you don't listen I'll tell you to leave.I could be like a club in NJ and charge you a fee to keep your cell phone.I was at a club like that before.The Fear of the Walking Dead is getting a little off the wall.I'll leave it at that but I'll stick with it.I'll be glad when the Walking Dead comes back on.I'm wondering if they killed of Daryl.Now that he has a show coming out where he is riding a motorcycle.I put on a couple SNL clips.My favorite clips of Eddie Murphy was where he played Buck Wheat or Mr Robinsons neighborhood.Dan Aykroyd as the Cone Heads.Jane Curtin doing Weekend Update..John Belushi as the Blues Brothers and Gilda Radner as Roseanna Roseannadanna
Stop in and see us girls
5/18/2016  Saturday Night Live clip   
5/18/2016  Saturday Night Live clip   
5/18/2016  Saturday Night Live clip   
5/17/2016  Ashley here @ Good Times   
5/16/2016  thunderkat105   
What about Michael Meyers from SNL.Coffee talk.
The topic of conversation is "transgender bathrooms"
Discuss amongst yourselves,I'm getting all verklempt! 
5/14/2016  Cooper   
Deitz's café is a decent place to grab booze if ur coming from York and get off at the Columbia/Marietta exit,right next 2 the Turkey Hill experience.
5/13/2016  Joshua   
I see Ashley has been adding a post once a week.Here is my question.What is her fav skit for the actors she likes from SNL?The girls better be careful coming to the club today,it's Friday the 13th.I would hate for Jason to hack them up in to teeny tiny little pieces out in the parking lot.lmfao
5/13/2016  Glen   
The Union Station has been closing around 11:30 weeknights.So if you come later than that I would get booze somewhere else.
5/11/2016  Ashley   
Hi everyone,
T-bone,the rumor is true Desire is back.wolfgang,the closest place to grab alcohol before coming in would be your house.I'm sure it would be the cheapest also.Now,if you are almost here Little's Beverage would be the best place to grab a case.Other than that it would be Bully's or Union Station.I hope Stephen Curry is playing tonight,I'll have the game on.The best part of The Fear of the Walking Dead this week was when Madison did the prisoner exchange,putting the bag over the walkers head and him biting his brother.That is a great skit by Dana Carvey as the church lady.Some of my favorite actors from SNL are Eddie Murphy,Dan Aykroyd,Jane Curtain,Chevy Chase,John Belushi,Gilda Radner just to name a few but I like many more.
Stop in and see us
5/10/2016  t-bone   
I have a couple buddies that were in this weekend and they told me Desire was back.Would this be true or are they screwing with me?
5/10/2016  wolfgang   
Where is the closest place to buy booze before coming in?
5/8/2016  The Church Lady   
5/5/2016  Ashley   
Hi everyone,
Bj-Angelina still works here.Give a call before you come in to see if she is working.Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone.I'll have the Heat vs the Raptors on tonight.I want Stephen Curry's team to win the NBA playoffs.Now that Kobe retired he is my favorite player.I always need someone to cheer for.The Fear of the Walking Dead was pretty good this week.Those pirates took over the boat with their guns.I was surprised to find out Strand is gay and a club is full nude.Our Vag's are out.
5/5/2016  Lawrence   

Happy cinco de Mayo ladies!!!!!!!!

5/5/2016  Thursday   
Hey people,
I put on a photo of Angelina..I think she looks really hot in this photo..I never heard back from that guy at gutter one so Chris measured outside where I want that siding..He got it for me from Yorktown..I have to wait for it to come in..They had the same stuff as  but it was $1 a sq ft cheaper..That fake stone siding came out to $2,245 to buy..I'm doing "Chestnut Hills" where the siding is with "Shadow Ridge" corner posts..That should pop..
5/4/2016  Angelina here @ Good Times   
5/3/2016  BJ   
Hi,  I don't see Angelina on the schedule. Does she not work there anymore? 
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